Our Expertise

Process, analyze and interpret real-world data to reveal the underlying trends you want to know.

We believe in the power of data to inform innovation in the world.

  • 01 Harvest

    We continuously monitor and collect data on the internet 24/7. This allows to provide you with real-time tracking of trends in social media, e-commerce, hiring sites, financial reports, real estates market, etc. Our data platform will present a hassle-free solution to you and present data at any granularity.

  • 02 Handling

    We excel at processing complicated and unstructured data via our high-performance computing cluster. Our platform enables a real-time data experience via data parsing, indexing and modeling techniques.

  • 03 Modeling

    We are experienced at powering our models with machine learning and natural language processing techniques. We will provide you with the insights and predictions in trends to help inform your business decisions.

  • 04 Aggregation

    We leverage our skills of parallel computing, data abstraction, memory design, and multi-channel data integration to efficiently store data and add value.

  • 05 Visualization

    Our visualization tool uses lines, charts, network topology and infographics to depict complex and abstract data and make the data shareable and easily digestible.

PaperX: A Better Visualization Solution

PaperX is a free data visualization tool. Users can edit and generate data reports and dashboards online. We provide tens of templates, graphics and fonts, and support drag-and-drop operations. PaperX ensures what you see is what you get.

You can share PaperX securely by sending a link or a barcode.PaperX supports multiple file formats and offline editing. You can also share data sources underlying the graphics to improve the performance and efficiency.

Lark: Large-scale Realtime Knowledge platform

Lark gathers large-scale data across domains including e-commerce, automotive, real-estate, finance, urban life, etc. Lark is powered with our data processing, analysis, machine learning and natural language processing technologies. By analyzing massive data, we hope to predict and identify patterns and trends in various domains to help you achieve real-time market monitoring.

Lark appeals to the needs of retailers, consulting firms and investment companies in this era of e-commerce and social media.

Lark solves every problem involved with point data collection, integration, analysis and output. We strive to present the most intuitive data platform for users to track and monitor the market.

Databerg: A Tech Media on Data Science and Machine Intelligence

We are releasing industrial reports, sharing project experiences and discussing trendy technologies on our blog. Currently our blog has more than 100,000 followers and ranks as the top data analysis blog on zhihu.com.