Text to Tactics: NLP Helps Hotels Make Happier Travelers

Text to Tactics: NLP Helps Hotels Make Happier Travelers

You are trying to improve your hotel chain’s service against the competition.

You manually browse travelers’ reviews on OTA websites such as tripadvisor.com or ctrip.com. You frowned upon complaints about the funny smell or the construction noise, and chuckled at compliments about the robot greeting in the lobby.

Each location has a few hundred to over 1000 reviews, and you have hundreds of locations. You could sit there and do this all day…all month…and all year long. How can you quickly turn these reviews into actions to make your hotels more competitive?

Yimian has a tool to help you with that. It’s a Dashboard of Travelers Reviews.

Behind the dashboard, the system collects travelers comments by location, by time, and by hotel type. It employs Yimian’s Natural Language Process (NLP) engine to automate two tasks for human users:

1) Identifying the actionable aspects of each post, such as price, location, arrival, lobby, check-in, amenities, food, and departure.
2) Reading the emotional sentiment of each mention as “positive”, “neutral”, or “negative”.

Now we are ready to show the quantified structured data on the dashboard, processed from unstructured natural language texts. Hotel managers can track the change over time, compare locations, spot strong and weak areas, and do something about them.

For example, this is the screenshot of overall sentiment along 11 actionable dimensions, based on almost 30,000 individual reviews for a 30-location global hotel chain in China.

Our client can dive deeper into the “red” negative reviews by inspecting the original texts to see what the specific issues are. For example, a word cloud shows the top mentioned words of negative sentiment reviews, sized by the frequency of mentions. This reveals that among soundproof, refrigerator, smell, and other issues, “bathtub” and “air conditioner” stand out as the most glaring pain points.

In a nutshell, Yimian helps our hotel clients turn texts into tactics, making travelers happier across their chains.


To schedule a demo of  Yimian’s traveler review dashboard tailored to hotel chains, please contact me at zhangrong@yimian.com.cn.

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