Wearing the lipstick of your game role?

Wearing the lipstick of your game role?

The weather of the social network on cosmetics is ever-changing. Every week, some new concepts explode while older ones either fade or stand.

For example, if you haven’t heard about the “Immortal Water” (神仙水) or “Little Black Bottle” (小黑瓶), you would struggle to carry out an interesting conversation about cosmetics with someone in China.

If you are a savvy consumer or a creative marketer in an industry, you would wonder how to spot a trend and catch an emerging concept before most others do.

This is supposed to be easy, right?

Let’s sign up on a popular social network, such as weibo in China or twitter in the US. Do a little keyword search. Follow a few Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). Pick from system recommended pushes. Monitor the hot topic lists…

Not really.

The new trends often emerge from unexpected interest groups. If you don’t know which words are getting hot, how can you do a search on them? The KOLs are not always reliable in discovering new grassroots concepts immediately. The system pushes are either too generic or based on tags, which will miss the untagged interesting trends in a specific industry.

When Yimian serves our clients, we got the “what’s heating up?” question a lot.  It’s  painful to fish new trends out of a lake of billions of micro-blogs on social media.

To ease our own pain, we developed a 3-step “fishing” technique and automated it:

– Navigate the “waters”, the social network texts
– Cast the “net”, the filter of only the relevant texts
– Compare the “fish”, the concepts by their popularity potential

Firstly, we use word vector technology to define the knowledge map for an industry, such as cosmetics. This map guides us to only the texts that are related to our interest, just like navigating to the trout territory if we want to catch trouts.  This usually reduce the volume of text by about 3 orders of magnitude on weibo.com.

Secondly, we use pattern recognition “net” to filter out suspicious spam or astroturfing posts, as well as lucky draw campaigns.

Lastly, we define a popularity heating index and rank the remaining concepts for their popularity potential.

For the first two weeks of 2019, we found the following big fish in the hold of our “fishing boat”:

The insights behind these trending keywords are:

– #1. A list of male idols and their preferred perfumes triggered fans discussion and went viral.
– #2. The innovative cosmetic-gaming cross-marketing of lipstick brand M.A.C and Tencent game Honor of Kings stirred a lot of buzz
– #3. TFBoys star WANG Junkai’s posted for “The 8th day of the last month before lunar new year” (aka the “Garlic Day”), which trigged fans to talk about him and the Lancôme brand that he represents
– #4. Emerging cross concepts between Tibetan Red Flower, an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and facial masks, a beauty care category

(MAC’s lipsticks worn by roles in Tencent’s game Honor of Kings.  Image Source: sina.)


From these insights, we can timely monitor the cross-disciplinary concepts for their ignition, propagation, and effectiveness.

Using Yimian’s tool to spot emerging trends before most others. This will make a consumer look savvier among peers, and make a marketer think more creatively in reaching the target crowd.


For more information, please contact Rong Zhang at zhangrong[at]yimian[dot]com[dot]cn.

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