LARK: Large-scale Real-time Knowledge

One-stop data solution

Lark is a single platform that consists of multiple data engineering modules, including data integration, web crawler, natural language processing, data mining, storage and indexing, and visualization. It also has the ability to merge your internal data with its externally collected data resources.

Data Harvest

Lark gathers data from more than 40 public data sources, covering dozens of industries including e-commerce, automotive, real-estate, finance, and urban life. We are maintaining databases with more than 10 billion entries and can provide data at any granularity you would like to see.


Lark leverages parallel computing modules to analyze and integrate data at lightning speed. Lark utilizes different data indexing methods for specific requirements and ensures real-time search and statistical analysis. Lark supports various machine learning needs including regression analysis, correlation analysis, cluster analysis, etc.

Natural Language Processing

Lark’s natural language processing module provides a complete solution to understand the context and content of real-world data. Our NLP module consists of text segmentation, keyword extraction, grammar analysis, topic recognition and sentiment analysis. Our dynamic data collection and import enables a high-speed evolution and increased industry knowledge of the NLP module.


Lark introduces a user-friendly interactive experience for our customers. Our visualization tool is compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms. You can access and operate on the dashboard and data anywhere and anytime.