About Yimian

About Yimian

Yimian is a leading AI-powered commercial data analytics solutions provider devoted to unleashing the value of digital commerce data. Empowered by advanced analytics and leading technology capabilities, including AI that transforms mega-data sourced from digital commerce channels, our readily actionable suite of solutions – including Market Portraying, Positioning & Proposition, Engagement & Delivery, Performance Tracking – provides real-time accurate insights and advice on business strategy, product development, marketing & sales, digital commerce operation.

Yimian is widely recognized by industry leaders including personal care, makeup, F&B, pet and auto for helping them win online.


Capitalize Core


Rethinking our analysis angles, use of tools, technology and processes to seek better ways of working with Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence that would solve customers’ needs more effectively.


Challenging existing norms and exploring possibilities to seek breakthroughs that would deliver better outcomes.


Frank, transparent and clear. There is no deliberate complexity of scope or nasty surprises. Clients can trust us to deliver solutions and insights that will help them make intelligent business decisions.

Our Culture


We bring good news and bad news directly and timely. We take positive and constructive feedbacks as gifts. We value authenticity not pretension.


We make internal decisions or recommendations to clients based on facts and logic, not subjective impressions.


Successes and failures are both footholds for our growth. No complacency. No complaints.


We love cutting-edge technologies, such as data collection and fusion, distributed processing and storage, real-time processing, data mining, Natural Language Processing, and visualization. To reduce repeated work, we develop cool tools to automate workflows.


Any question can be asked. We want to learn both the form and the essence, both the events and the patterns. We learn fast to satiate our curiosity and others.


We value doing over talking. We strive to accelerate client decisions to drive real actions. Our R&D is driven by real-life client needs.


Coding mostly in Python, Golang, and JavaScript, we leverage technology stacks in big data (Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Impala, and ElasticSearch), AI (TensorFlow and PyTorch), web development (Vue.js, Flask, and Nginx), and others (Docker and Kubernetes).


Our team structure is flat with high collaboration and autonomy. Individuals are free to choose an innovative solution to play the team role.


We engage in open-source development and contribute our own work. We upload to GitHub and post on Zhihu.com.

We Take Care of Our People

Competitive salary

Salary; Year-end bonus; Social insurance and housing fund; Commercial insurance; Public holidays.

Flexible working hours

In addition to flexible working arrangements, we prioritize using technology to improve productivity over putting in over-time.

Team building

Monthly basketball and badminton games; Irregular sharing; Team gathering.

Annual physical exam

Premium annual physical exam plans.

Comfortable office

Our prime location Shenzhen and Shanghai offices boast beautiful city and mountain views with open workspaces.

Annual team outing

After a trip to Seoul, South Korea and Kyoto, Japan, there will be more colorful places to go as the team grows.