Price & Promotion

Monitor competitive price moves and promotions timely, accurately, and completely

Equivalent to sending a dedicated shop inspector to each online store for each SKU, Yimian's P&P service daily monitor prices and promotions of your own SKUs and competing products across multiple online markets. We also summarize, categorize, and analyze price competitiveness, and visualize fluctuation and distribution. With P&P, no competitor pricing move will evade your radar.

See through the smokescreen of fancy promotion policies to calculate true transaction prices

Red envelope, X off over Y, x% off over Y, Store Coupon, Category Coupon, Platform Coupon, Buy A get B free, Spend X to Pick N, Nth Item Only X...fancy promotion policies are concealing the true transaction price paid by consumers. Yimian's proprietary AI algorithm automatically identifies different promotion schemes and removes the pricing confusion. We extract your and competitors' true transaction prices for apple-to-apple analyses.

Assess effectiveness of promotion policies

You have come up with innovative promotion policies. You have heavily spent on marketing. Are you getting the expected results? Yimian finds the links between different promotion policies and sales results across multiple brands in a category. You can shorten your learning curve by taking notes from others' lessons and successes. By quickly iterating using knowledge from our promotion effectiveness data, you maximize the ROI of your promotion spending.

Optimize pricing & promotion and forecast sales based on historical data

We build price elasticity models using rich historical competition data including prices, promotion levels, sales, and market environments. These models help you forecast sales of different pricing points and optimize pricing and promotion strategies.

Provide automatic pricing policy violation alerts

We set price alert bars based on client's agreement with different stores on different platforms, for different products. We monitor the listed price and true transaction price by SKU in each store, and compare to alert bars of MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), Regular MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), or Special Event MAP. Any pricing policy violation is automatically alerted and quantified by SKU, by store, and by platform. This service helps client to spot and address problems early based on facts across the entire retail landscape.