Sales & Share

Track sales performance near real-time

You want to know how well your brand is selling online compared to history and competition, in time to take action. We help you track online GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) by brand and by SKU at the required update frequency, such as monthly, daily, or even hourly. You can instantly adjust the views of fresh data.

Interactively analyze market share and growth in client-defined market segments

It's not enough to monitor your market share at category and sub-category levels as defined by or You want to define a meaningful subcategory driven by a particular customer need. For example, "mosquito repellents" should include powders, wipes, drops, sprays, and creams. We help you define a need-driven subcategory and monitor your share and growth versus your competitors'. You will win in meeting customer needs, not in selling a particular product form.

Spot emerging category trends and high potential segments

Although consumers cannot always tell the truth about their likes and dislikes, they are always casting true votes by spending their money. We use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze titles of all SKUs, and rank the keywords by sales and growth of associated SKUs. The ranking provides insights to trending consumer preferences and high potential segments. The trends are specified by ingredient, functionality, package, typical user, or even category nickname. You will uncover hidden consumer needs behind these trends of words ahead of your competition.

Analyze product portfolio health to leverage strength and address weakness

As consumer preferences shift and competitor products phase in and out, the products in your portfolio rise and fall. We help you analyze the changes in revenue, growth, and market share of your products in their segments, and provide an objective and comprehensive assessment of product health. This assessment help you better allocated your marketing and R&D budgets to strengthen your portfolio.

Monitor and manage performance across stores near real-time

Brands are selling through different online channels such as brand-direct, exclusive 3rd party, non-exclusive 3rd party, platform reseller, official cross-border, and unofficial cross-border, etc. How can you balance these channels and optimize both sales and loyalty? Yimian provides cross-brand and cross-channel data. Store contribution and growth are visualized for each brand; Brand contribution and growth are visualized for each store. You can use these analyses to effectively manage all online channels for your brand. In addition, your competitor’s channel strategy and performance are at your finger-tips too.