We continuously provide data service for multiple renowned hedge fund, consulting firm, and retailers. Our service involves data collection, integration, modeling and visualization. We are devoted to providing our customers with data driven insights and supporting our customers in investment, marketing and decision-making.

Lark provides P&G China with industry insights and customer behavior analysis across all lines of business. Our analysis engine handles data on tens of thousands of new customer reviews daily and develops traceable feedback indicators.

Lark provides Mars with customer behavior analysis, customer clustering and promotion statistic tracking services in pet care, chocolate and chewing gum products.

We leveraged Lark to build an integrated data monitoring and customer profile platform for ST&SAT. Lark enables ST&SAT to collect statistics in industry trends, brand awareness, multi-brand pricing strategy, etc.

Lark enables Xi World to monitor fashion trends in women’s apparel and raises its awareness of competitor landscape. We deliver insightful and dynamic data of best-selling products, promotion effectiveness, restocking speed, price range, and brand recognition.

Volkswagen Group’s research and development center in China is using Lark to introduce data insights of customer preference to inspire designs of new model and help improve the navigation systems.

JAC Motors’ design center in Italy is leveraging Lark to track customer behavior information in social media, to help improve and inspire new designs.

Lark provides with customer data including car model popularity, user activeness, decision making process and location information.

We provide a comprehensive data solution for Buydeem, including integration of multi-channel data sources, data collection of repeat purchase behavior and cross-sell effectiveness, and dynamic analysis and visualization of customer information.

Lark provides with user behavior information of quantitative investors and traders on financial forums. Lark helps to improve user experience.

Lark provides with GMV information at the granularity of category, brand, and SKU, with corresponding user reviews. The analysts rely on Lark’s data import and insights to further their research in vertical markets.

We use PaperX and Lark to build data platform for Shiwan to track information in the alcohol industry. Its marketing team can use this platform to track real-time statistics of competitors, including geographic trends, purchasing preference, and distributing channels.

Bank of Hangsu uses PaperX to generate monthly and quarterly customer risk management reports. Our dynamic data handling and visualization services replace the traditional methods using Excel and Word by hand at the bank and free up manpower for higher value work.

We are partnering with IBM Cognitive Computing, and working together to provide solutions for commercial analysis and cognitive computing for large companies.

We are partnering with China Telecom in big data, and cooperating to provide services and applications based on DNS data.